Established in 2008 in New York City, Madison Avenue Creative is a boutique design and branding agency. 


Founded by Camilla Papale, an award-winning creative director and CMO, our design agency serves New York and San Francisco Bay Area markets. Based in San Francisco, Madison Avenue Creative provides a full range of branding and graphic design services to clients looking for definitive, highly-curated visual identity and relevant point of view to cut through the noise of today's oversaturated digital ecosystem. Building on a decade of creative experience working with the leading brands, we provide both digital and analogue solutions to reach target audiences. 

Our work is distinguished by clean aesthetic, seamless user experience and articulate design with focus on typography and strong visual narrative. In addition to creative services, we are partnered with the leading talent in copywriting, photography, styling, publishing and public relations to help propel your brand to the new heights.

We look forward to working with you. 


Camilla is the best art director in her industry, period. Her work is far above that of her competitors and it's obvious at a glance. She has an impeccable eye, and if you want to know if that bowl should be moved one inch to the left, or if the color of the pillow works with the table and  the layout, ask her, she'll be right. 


Camilla is the consummate 21st century professional.  She brings an unusual combination of  business savvy, creativity, aesthetic sense, and a command of the technology to her work.  And she is responsive and genuinely committed to achieving her client’s objectives.  I recommend her unqualifiedly.


Camilla is a very talented, creative and organized professional who is a pleasure to work with. She does a wonderful job linking the artistic message of the medium with the business message. I've learned a lot from Camilla and highly recommend her.


A consummate and fearless professional
who is also a complete stickler for details -
the latter being a particular quality that is waning recently - Camilla, without fail or question, is capable of seamlessly executing singular, sophisticated and stellar creative. Always.